StakOne in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry


If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got.

This quote is credited to Henry Ford the founder of the Ford Motor Company. I think he would know a thing or two about innovation and the need to adapt and change.

Yet we don’t. People innately don’t like change. We find it difficult to make adjustments to life and in business and yet there is a whole brand of business thinking about being Agile. The Agile methodology is aimed at helping teams respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work cadences, known as sprints. The question I ask is if we know about practices such as Agile why are we bound to old practices that don’t work.

The QSR industry is reliant upon staff to work in the stores, cook the food, serve the customers and clean the store. We rely on staff who are usually of a school age and who, on the most part need supervision not just at work but to also get up of a morning or to clean their teeth. I have several of these school age ‘go getters’ so have some experience in how they operate or not. I have watched as my tribe have promised the world and then not deliver everything that has been promised.

To help these ‘go getters’ the QSR industry has rosters that they put in place to ensure that they know when to turn up and what is expected of them when they are at work. There are checklists that staff can look at to understand their role and provide assurances to the Manager and Owner that the required jobs get completed to, hopefully, a high standard.

StakOne is a company that has identified some of the issues faced by QSR industry by having had roles in the industry and by working closely with existing Managers to refine practices and ensure that a solution is developed in line with real industry needs.

StakOne is a company that understands there is a need to change and a need to make that change as smooth as possible for all concerned so that people don’t freeze with anxiety or become overwhelmed with the changes they are seeing. They are cognisant of not making change for the sake of making change.

The QSR industry is changing with technology and your business needs to adapt to capture the required change and become a place where the Management and Owners know that they have the tools to support their staff in an ever changing world.