Linking to Other Resources in StakTask


There are three ways in which links to other resources can be made in StakTask, so that they can be easily accessed by staff. Documents can be attached to tasks, or they can be linked to tasks, or an Information Library is available for resources to be available from anywhere in the application.

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Marketing Assistant – Part Time


StakOne is a software company which was founded in 2015. Our product, StakTask, provides a task management tool for use in the food sector, especially fast food. It operates from Level 5, 1 Moore St, Civic, Canberra.

Check out a video review of StakTask at Zambrero:

StakTask is a mature product with a small but loyal user base. It is a tool which allows managers to schedule and to monitor the myriad of tasks which need to be performed in a food preparation environment; as well as tasking, it incorporates temperature recording and an information library.

Now that the product has matured, we would like to concentrate on expanding our customer base.

We are looking for a part-time Marketing Assistant to help us with marketing. The successful applicant will be able to guide us towards to most effective ways of connecting with new customers. Our marketing would involve at least some of the following:

  • LinkedIn
  • FaceBook
  • Google Ads
  • Cold calling
  • Email
  • Industry publications
  • Expos

Plus any other ways of connecting with a potentially very large customer base.

The position would be for 20 hours per week, at $25 per hour.

Please supply a portfolio of your work with the application, which you can send with your resume and academic record to Raj at


StakTask raises $300,000 to digitise Task Management in hospitality


Backed by Capital Angels and Sydney Angels, StakTask raised $300,000 in a recent funding round.

StakTask is an innovative product for use in the hospitality sector, especially in the food preparation area. It allows managers to be able to specify tasks which need to be performed, and who is to perform them; it allows staff to quickly tick off tasks as they are completed, and it allows remote monitoring of work progress in the store.

StakOne founder, Raj Mann, was recently featured on Win News Canberra, after returning from a trip to Singapore, where he was a part of a group pitching to Asian investors.

Video made by Win News

The product has been implemented in a number of food chains – among them McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s and Zambrero – with a great deal of success. Up to 900,000 tasks have been completed since its launch two years ago.

Tasks are entered by a manager and can be individually scheduled for different days of the week or month. These tasks are allocated to a role, and are displayed each day on an iPad in the store; staff members responsible for the task tick off the tasks as they work through the day. The manager is able to see remotely the progress of task completions at any time throughout the day.

Recently new features have been added- such as the ability to record temperatures directly on the iPad.

Funding will be used to further enhance the StakTask’s capabilities:

  • It will enable us to employ the services of a person with marketing skills. We know that we have a great product, we just need people who can help other people see the value.
  • It will help us to improve the customer onboarding experience so that less time will be needed for people to learn the system. This can be done through both design improvements and the use of good tools.
  • We are continually looking for ways to improve the product. We are implementing better performance reporting; we are looking at other ways to provide new functionality.

StakTask in Domino’s Pizza



Chad, a Multi-unit Domino’s Pizza Franchisee, was looking for solutions to better manage his staff and daily task lists within his operations. Originally used paper task lists, Chad has seen immediate value in replacing paper lists with StakTask. Chad brought his paper task lists into StakTask platform which will make sure that his staff completes all the tasks on time.

StakTask’s aim is to help Domino in improving their abilities to delegate tasks and manage staff more effectively. Staff will have clear instructions about their daily duties which will improve work efficiency. StakTask will also help Dominos to increase and raise standards of job completion, improve communication channels, increase the capacity to supervise, save time and money, reduce staff conflict, and generate informative reports remotely

Launches new mobile app for StakTask



Today we are pleased to announce our new StakTask mobile app. Whether sick or on vacation, you are rest assured that your business is doing well with this app right on your hands.

We will be doing further development in StakTask app to provide a lot of benefits to businesses with its capability to increase and raise standards  of job completion, improve channels of communication, increase the capacity to supervise, save time and money, reduce staff conflict, and generate informative reports for your workplace no matter where you are.

Launching new version of StakTask



Over the past two months, our team has been hard at work redesigning and building the best StakTask experience based on customer feedback.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new version of StakTask App! iPad version of StakTask is available from App Store now.

We have redesigned the app from scratch with following enhancements, requested by our customers:

  • Redesigned Progress Bar
  • Integrate Boat Level Popup
  • Integrate Leader Board
  • Removed “undo” button
  • Made the 4 digit PIN optional
  • Overall design improvements

No competing product comes closer to StakTask in terms of ease of use, design, interactivity and engagement.

StakTask – Winner of InnovationACT Award



StakOne’s StakTask has been named one of the winner in InnovationACT grant funding. The award was presented on 22nd of October by InnovationACT, Canberra’s largest innovation program, providing the necessary skills, tools and networks to those looking to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

A total of 51 teams participated in InnovationACT program and the top nine teams were given the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. From those nine teams, six teams received grants and StakTask was one of them.

With this financial support StakOne will be able to better build, market and distribute the premiere version of StakTask to the hospitality industry.