Linking to Other Resources in StakTask


There are three ways in which links to other resources can be made in StakTask, so that they can be easily accessed by staff. Documents can be attached to tasks, or they can be linked to tasks, or an Information Library is available for resources to be available from anywhere in the application.

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StakTask: World’s First Workplace Game


Workplace productivity challenge
Increasing a workplace’s productivity has always been a battle for a lot of business owners. It is a never ending quest to find possible solutions that could help them become more efficient. Business owners have tried a lot of options yet have failed to figure out the best one for their needs. […] “StakTask: World’s First Workplace Game”

How You Can Strengthen Workplace Communication Channels With iTask


Existing communication channels don’t always suit

In the workplace there are only a few communication channels available for staff to utilise, these include: personal contact, email and in some instances by phone. The issue with these forms of communication is that they are not purpose built for task management and not always suitable in many workplaces. […] “How You Can Strengthen Workplace Communication Channels With iTask”