Launching new version of StakTask



Over the past two months, our team has been hard at work redesigning and building the best StakTask experience based on customer feedback.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new version of StakTask App! iPad version of StakTask is available from App Store now.

We have redesigned the app from scratch with following enhancements, requested by our customers:

  • Redesigned Progress Bar
  • Integrate Boat Level Popup
  • Integrate Leader Board
  • Removed “undo” button
  • Made the 4 digit PIN optional
  • Overall design improvements

No competing product comes closer to StakTask in terms of ease of use, design, interactivity and engagement.

Microsoft BizSpark + StakOne


Great products start with an understanding of the end user. They can benefit people in many ways.  A great design is easy to use, and can solve real problems which provides satisfaction.

At StakOne, we make products simple on the outside and powerful on the inside. We use a bottom-up approach in our product development and start with the customer, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it.

Like any startup, we needed help getting StakOne off the ground. Joining Microsoft BizSpark program is a critical turning point for StakOne because of the free licensing and tools it offers. It removed costs and technological barriers we would have experienced. We have saved in development costs and we now boast a solid performance platform, which will lead StakOne to pursue the open source software avenue.

It truly hit home that we were a real startup when we became part of the BizSpark program. Being able to have all the Microsoft software for free together with Azure Credits is an invaluable form of support from Microsoft. The Microsoft BizSpark program gave us free access to lots of Microsoft software, including Azure. It provides us with technology, support, visibility, and a community to our startup at no charge. Microsoft Azure and the other Microsoft technology offered through BizSpark will help StakOne grow faster. BizSpark has the best tools out there to help StakOne prove itself and its concept.

We have confidence with Azure that information is going to be securely stored  and delivered in a fast and efficient way to our customers. Microsoft BizSpark will provide us free cloud services, support, training and developer tools, that will make our dream for StakOne a reality.

As a Microsoft BizSpark member, StakOne will be tapping into a rich, vibrant ecosystem of peers, partners and support resources around the globe. For the next three years, Microsoft BizSpark will give StakOne access to all the right resources it needs to make a real difference.


Stakone Story


Do you mind if I tell you a little story? Great! lets get started! In this blog I am going to tell a story of StakOne in a timeline manner along with the concept of our first potential product, iTask!
Somehow it all started back in 2012, when I was a under grad student, working on a university project called Myshift at the University of Canberra. That time I didn’t even know that I was actually creating the core concept behind the iTaskwork system.
Over the next two years I worked at subway outlet as a part time employee and noticed several deficiencies in the workplace environment allowing me to refine the iTask concept.
Feb 2015
In the month, of February 2015, I approached a manager of a fast food franchise to talk about shortcomings in my workplace.
March 2015
After the conversation in February, I started to follow up with conversations to several managers of different business environments to discuss their workplace shortcomings. Soon after this event, I began building a team and started performing high quality market research for the next three months to determine what product would benefit these workplaces.
April 2015
During this time, the newly created StakOne team performed a series of focus groups and began forming the core elements and necessities that would be implemented into the iTask system.
May 2015
Over May, our market research was completed and we pitched our idea for the iTask system for prospective clients. It was an immediate success and we struck a deal with a franchise owner for a testing phase.
After a deal had been struck with our prospective client, we began recruiting developers and designers to start working on the iTask system and begin the work required to make iTask become a reality.

Founded in 2015 based on a single idea that an IT student had, StakOne has now grown into a business with a very capable team of developers, graphic designers and executives who are always working to create products to help all businesses grow and succeed. Our mission is to provide the best possible technical products that every person uses to do important things.