Linking to Other Resources in StakTask


There are three ways in which links to other resources can be made in StakTask, so that they can be easily accessed by staff. Documents can be attached to tasks, or they can be linked to tasks, or an Information Library is available for resources to be available from anywhere in the application.

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Managing staff in a takeaway food store


Of course, managing staff in a takeaway food store can be complex and difficult. A store is typically open from 60 to 100 hours a week; an owner may well have more than one store. This means that it can be difficult to impossible for an owner to be monitoring a store. A manager is often employed to be in charge of a store’s operations, but even the manager cannot be around a store for all the hours it is open.

There are many staff on the books at any one time. Many staff, especially younger staff, are only available for limited hours. Some staff have had a lot of experience in a store, some very little.

Most staff are very good. However, there are always problems, and it can be very hard to get on top of those problems in a timely manner. If a problem does occur, it may not be noticed until it grows. Some staff will try to get away with the minimum work possible.

By the same token, a manager may not be aware of what is happening in a store, and may be expecting too much from the staff. Staff may not be adequately trained, or may not be aware of changes which may have occurred, for instance, procedures for new products.

Many of the problems which occur regularly can be alleviated with good control and good communication. That’s why, as a former owner of several stores, I’m excited to be associated with a product which I believe will go a long way towards alleviating many of these problems. I can see that a great deal of work has been done in looking at what the actual problems are, and in working on ways to alleviate these problems.