Food Safety Features in StakTask


Temperature log tasks provide a valuable way for employees to record food temperatures.

Temperature logging

Temperature logs enable temperatures to be recorded more quickly, employers to have confidence that temperature logging is being done properly, and food safety authorities to have a strong audit trail of temperature recording. Bluetooth thermometer recording is optionally available, to enable automatic temperature recording.

Creating a Temperature Log task list is very similar to creating a normal task list, with a few differences.

A new temperature log task list will need to be created for each item of equipment being tested, as the valid temperature range is applied to the task list. For instance, a refrigerator might have a valid temperature range of 2˚C to 5˚C, while a freezer might have a valid range of -30˚C to -5˚C. So a temperature log task list would be created for a refrigerator, and a separate temp log task list created for a freezer. If more than one temperature log measurement is to be taken daily, one task list would be created for each measurement, for each item of equipment.

When creating a task list, select the drop-down under “List Type”, and select “Temperature Log”.

After selecting the list type, enter the task list name and temperature range. Be careful that the temperature range is correct- due to audit requirements, a temperature range cannot be changed once it has been created.

When the task list has been created, add a line for each item for which a temperature measurement is required.

Temperature log task lists need to be scheduled, in the same way as normal task lists.

Recording Temperatures Manually

If the temperature log has been scheduled for that day, it will appear on the iPad or phone:

Measure the temperature manually, and enter it. When “Done” has been clicked, the cursor will advance to the next item to be measured:

If the temperature is outside the recommended range, a prompt will be shown allowing either a comment to be entered or a photo to be taken:

If a temperature log item is not to be measured, swipe from right to left, and click on “N/A”. A prompt will be shown allowing either a comment to be entered or a photo to be taken:

After temperatures have been recorded, all items recorded need to be marked as completed, by clicking the checkbox.

Recording Temperatures Automatically

With the appropriate Bluetooth thermometer, temperatures can be recorded directly into the iPad or phone. StakTask will interface with the Thermapen Blue thermometer, available in Australia.

To start recording with the Thermapen device, turn it on; in StakTask on the iPad or phone, click on the menu icon in the top left, then click on the item “ThermaQ device” from the menu. If everything is working, the thermometer will show in the list under “Available ThermaQ devices”. Select it.

From the list of incomplete tasks, select the temperature log item to be recorded. Insert the thermometer probe into the food item, and click the button on the thermometer. The temperature will be recorded on StakTask, and the next item on the list will be shown.

As with a manual thermometer, the probe should be sanitised between measurements.

Continue recording temperatures in the same way as with the manual measurements.