Linking to Other Resources in StakTask


There are three ways in which links to other resources can be made in StakTask, so that they can be easily accessed by staff. Documents can be attached to tasks, or they can be linked to tasks, or an Information Library is available for resources to be available from anywhere in the application.

Attaching Documents to Tasks

Any document in a suitable format can be uploaded to a task. This can be a picture (jpg, jpeg or jpeg) or a document (docx, doc or pdf). For instance, if there’s a photograph of a piece of equipment, or a document explaining equipment usage, it can be made available to staff.

On the desktop, open up “Manage Tasks”, and click on the task name. Click on the plus sign on “Attachment” (an information popup will be shown when the mouse is on the plus sign).

This will open up the file browser. Double click on the document or picture to be attached, and click “Save”.

The task will be shown in the task list on the desktop or on iPad with an “information” symbol.

With StakTask on iPad, clicking on the information symbol will show a thumbnail of the uploaded document or picture; clicking on the thumbnail will show the full attachment.



Linking Documents to Tasks

Instead of uploading a document to a task, references to web pages can be included in a task description. These become live links in StakTask – the user can click on the link to open the web page.

Linked documents are not restricted to any document type- they can include anything which is publicly available on the web.

To include a link, include the URL in the task description:

The task will be shown in the task list on the desktop or on iPad with an “information” symbol.

With StakTask on iPad, clicking on the information symbol will show the live link; clicking on the link will open the web page in the browser.

When the browser is open, the user can return to StakTask by clicking on the name at the top of the screen:

Information Library Links

If an online resource is of general use to staff, and not linked to an individual task, it’s possible to create an Information Library

A manager can add links which can then be accessed from the iPad. So, for instance, things such as web links, Google forms, privacy policies, procedures, staff induction and procedures can be accessed directly from StakTask on the iPad – an Information Library.  

Creating and Editing Links in Library

Note that links in a library are only able to be edited and viewed by a manager. The links will open in StakTask in a browser window, so that the URL is not visible to the person who opens it.

Detailed help for creating and modifying Information Library items on the desktop is available here.

To access the library on the iPad app, click on the “Menu” icon at the top, and choose “Library”.

The Information Library, could, for instance, include forms to be filled in, or YouTube video instructions:


Creating Forms

The first screen immediately above shows a form which has been created using the free package from Google, Google Forms. This allows simple custom forms to be created and used within StakTask, able to be accessed through the Information Library or from within a task.

The form in the sample can be viewed here – StakOne Customer Feedback Form.

There are guides to using Google Forms – for instance at The GSuite Learning Centre, or this YouTube video: “Google Forms Full Tutorial”.

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