Redesign of StakTask iPad App


In order to increase user involvement in StakTask on iPad, there have been a number of changes which affect the look and feel.


There are badges at the top of the screen giving an indication of performance during the week:

Current Run Streak- showing the number of consecutive days (not including today) which have had tasks performed

Best Performing Day of this Week- showing which day of the week (not including today) has had the highest percentage of tasks finished on time:

Progress Bars

There’s a progress bar at the top of the screen. This shows what percentage of today’s tasks have been completed on time (in green), and what percentage of tasks have been completed late (in yellow):

There’s also a progress bar underneath each task list title, showing percentages complete for tasks in that same task list:

Changes to formatting

Tasks show a “checkbox” icon rather than a “tick” icon – this indicates more clearly that a task needs to be completed.


Colors are no longer shown on individual tasks- they are shown on the Task List Titles:


Task Lists have an icon indicating whether they are standard or temperature log task lists:


A warning will pop up 15 minutes before the due time.


When a task is completed, a “ding” is sounded.

When all tasks in a Task List have been completed, a message of congratulations is shown, and an ascending tone is sounded.