StakTask in Domino’s Pizza



Chad, a Multi-unit Domino’s Pizza Franchisee, was looking for solutions to better manage his staff and daily task lists within his operations. Originally used paper task lists, Chad has seen immediate value in replacing paper lists with StakTask. Chad brought his paper task lists into StakTask platform which will make sure that his staff completes all the tasks on time.

StakTask’s aim is to help Domino in improving their abilities to delegate tasks and manage staff more effectively. Staff will have clear instructions about their daily duties which will improve work efficiency. StakTask will also help Dominos to increase and raise standards of job completion, improve communication channels, increase the capacity to supervise, save time and money, reduce staff conflict, and generate informative reports remotely

Launches new mobile app for StakTask



Today we are pleased to announce our new StakTask mobile app. Whether sick or on vacation, you are rest assured that your business is doing well with this app right on your hands.

We will be doing further development in StakTask app to provide a lot of benefits to businesses with its capability to increase and raise standards  of job completion, improve channels of communication, increase the capacity to supervise, save time and money, reduce staff conflict, and generate informative reports for your workplace no matter where you are.

StakTask: World’s First Workplace Game


Workplace productivity challenge
Increasing a workplace’s productivity has always been a battle for a lot of business owners. It is a never ending quest to find possible solutions that could help them become more efficient. Business owners have tried a lot of options yet have failed to figure out the best one for their needs. […] “StakTask: World’s First Workplace Game”

Launching new version of StakTask



Over the past two months, our team has been hard at work redesigning and building the best StakTask experience based on customer feedback.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a new version of StakTask App! iPad version of StakTask is available from App Store now.

We have redesigned the app from scratch with following enhancements, requested by our customers:

  • Redesigned Progress Bar
  • Integrate Boat Level Popup
  • Integrate Leader Board
  • Removed “undo” button
  • Made the 4 digit PIN optional
  • Overall design improvements

No competing product comes closer to StakTask in terms of ease of use, design, interactivity and engagement.