Time to make the work place list more interactive


The beauty of a list

Lists provide an easy to follow method to ensure that things get done without missing steps. For a business operation this is quite a crucial element in ensuring that all jobs are completed. Not only does this increase rates of job completion but it also takes pressure off staff by providing a reference point for them. Sometimes a list can seem simple but juggling 12 separate tasks in your head makes it very easy to forget one.

If a list is such a crucial part of many functioning businesses, it is a wonder then why it has not yet experienced any form of innovation.

The problems with lists

There are many potential problems for a traditional paper and ink list, they are:

Perishable – Easily torn, prone to water damage and vandals, a paper list can become useless very quickly.

Stagnant – If something on the list requires changing it must be taken down, edited and placed back up.

Detached – A list that is stagnant will tend to lose effect and blend in to the everyday work environment.

Narrow reaching – A list will only be meaningful if someone is exposed to it. If a manager has to leave the store and check in on staff, unless they have taken the list then they will be relying on their own memory to confirm task completion.

iTask- the future standard

With iTask, workplaces will enjoy the benefits of a digital list. StakOne will enable an easily followed task list to be shown on a tablet in your workplace. Making it simpler to follow, complete, and comment on tasks. The digital form of your list will be much more durable in the face of potential damage such as paper tearing.

iTask will be a much more dynamic tool for when the list needs to be changed, providing real time editing capability for managers and owners.

iTask will also be a much more effective tool when it comes to staff actually following their roles. This is because iTask is interactive and staff will see the application as a far more relevant tool to their working day as they experience it and follow a nicely presented and more involving instrument.

iTask will let managers view the list on their phone, computer, or tablet, providing anywhere access. Better still, they will have the capability to create and maintain these lists from outside of the store, and to be able to view updated job completions and comments from staff.

iTask will take pressure off both the employees and managers and improve work place standards by increasing the effectiveness of the already essential, but much overlooked, work place list.



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