Patrick Morgan, Marketing Communications Manager


StakOne hires Patrick Morgan as Marketing Communications Manager

Today StakOne has announced that Patrick Morgan will be taking over the role of Marketing and Communication Manager.
Patrick is nearing the end of his Bachelor of Communications in Advertising degree at the University of Canberra, a course that is accredited by the International Advertising Association and the Media Federation of Australia.

Patrick has 4 years experience in event management and event promotion in the music industry in Canberra and Sydney.

Patrick has a passion for creative solutions and adaptive thinking.  He prides himself on presenting unique, innovative and improved concepts, aiming to benefit people directly and indirectly.  A big part of achieving this aim is choosing to work with the right business.   That is why he is very excited to have this role representing StakOne.  A company with a vision to improve work place conditions, improve rates of efficiency and raise work place standards.  This opportunity will enable him to positively affect many businesses and the customers who frequent them, making positive change to people’s lives.

Patrick will be regularly making blog entries while he is at StakOne focusing on the problems that are negatively impacting on how businesses operate and how our products resolve these problems.  He will also be working very closely with the fantastic team behind StakOne in order to help them communicate their vision to you.

For any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Staff Conflict


Employee conflict – impossible to avoid

Every workplace has a unique dynamic. However, within in all medium to large business operations there is a common problem – employee conflict. One of the major sources of work related conflict comes from the complex mix of personal and business relationships that exist within the work environment. Whilst codes of conduct and managerial responsibility are put in place to prevent and remedy issues that arise, a lot of the time issues will go unnoticed, escalate and contribute to employee stress and dissatisfaction.

Why a business should try and minimise conflict

It is crucial for businesses to take measures that protect their staff from experiencing abuse and discomfort. Firstly from an ethical and legal point of view, it is the responsibility of a business owner to ensure that the work environment they are responsible for is not harmful to the employees in any way. Secondly, a stressful work environment will cost the business money in a number of ways:

  • The American Institute of Stress estimates that businesses in the United States will be the cause of over $300 billion per year due to stress-related absenteeism, turnover, accidents, insurance, and other costs

iTask – One solution for many problems

Whilst the range of issues that contribute to stressful co-worker relationships is vast, StakOne has developed a system to reduce conflict and the problems that conflict will cause, whatever they may be.

An easier way to speak up!

iTask enables staff to quickly and discretely alert managerial staff to potential problems that they are facing.

Common workplace policies encourage employees to make complaints in a face-to-face setting. However, when dealing with conflict, voicing concern can be an intimidating idea for an employee and as a result no action may be taken. Not only will the problem still exist but the employee will suffer further frustration out of their inability to have their issue recognised. Also, a face-to-face setting can increase the emotion of a situation. Emotion has a tendency to cloud an issue. Measures to resolve problems will therefore be inaccurate, and potentially make matters worse.

An easy way to improve morale

iTask’s non-invasive approach to conflict resolution will give staff more confidence to raise issues of concern. Employees will also be aware that issues raised will be recorded. This increases the accountability of managers who may be unwilling to fulfil their duty to employee welfare. Applying the iTask system will reduce workplace stress and contribute to a healthier, more productive, more efficient and ultimately more profitable work dynamic.

A better way to complete tasks

Another key feature of iTask is communicating to employees clearly and specifically about tasks that need to be completed, including how they are delegated amongst employees and in order of priority. This system will improve productivity in its most basic application but it will also contribute to increased rates of productivity through improved employee satisfaction.

One of the most common issues in work places where many staff are carrying out similar duties is that it enables some to slack off at the expense of their co-workers. When employees think that they are not being treated equally it will be a major source of dissatisfaction and can lead to a toxic work environment.

Equality amongst workers – A happy place to be

iTask will communicate clearly and transparently what roles an employee is expected to complete, bringing fair treatment and accountability to the forefront of the business operation. Each staff member will be aware of this and with that knowledge iTask will bring a sense of relief and an improved attitude to those who are being unfairly burdened.

iTask is a system that not only improves how the work place deals with problems but reduces the likelihood of those problems ever happening in the first place – making your work environment an equal, fair and happy place to be.