Digital checklist for fast food restaurants

StakTask helps to improve performance, cut costs and save time across your stores


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Digitise your paper checklists, track progress in real-time
and keep your store running efficiently, even when you’re away.

  • Schedule Daily Checklists
    Checklists for staff can be scheduled according to workloads through the week. Staff can mark off tasks on a tablet or phone in the store.
  • Food Safety
    Capture temperatures manually or automatically. StakTask automatically prompts team members to take corrective action if data is outside the safe range.
  • Comments and Photographs
    Whether it’s photographs to prove corrective action, or comments to record issues with a task, StakTask allows a powerful way for staff to communicate with management.
  • Realtime Task Log
    Task Log shows all tasks for a selected day in detail and in real time, allowing any task or range of tasks to be isolated if necessary.
  • Summary Report
    Summary Report gives you a view of the store’s performance, ranging from a day to a year.
  • Leaderboard
    The performance leaderboard shows the contribution from the top performing staff members.
  • Store Leaderboard
    Reports are available for head office to be able to view the performance of each store.
  • Master Tasklists
    Master Tasklists can be made consistent across stores within a group, or be customised for each store.
  • Store Report
    Reports of each store are available by day, week, month or year - so that management can isolate particular jobs or shifts where staff are not completing tasks.

Steps to implement StakTask

  • Create Task Lists
    Talk to your team and create
    critical task lists to digitise
  • Schedule Task Lists
    Schedule task lists
    for the right time & teams
  • Implement Hardware
    Setup iPad or mobile
    apps at your store
  • Launch StakTask
    Review reports, improve &
    add more tasks

See the business impact of StakTask

tasks tracked by StakTask

Discover how StakTask drive profitability

  • Fewer maintenance callouts
  • Cut printing costs
  • Reduce unaccounted cash
0 hrs
  • Reduce site visits & audits
  • Save on staff training
  • Replace paper processes
  • Simplify communication